It is almost unreal, the experience of being happy in a place with no fans and with temperatures soaring over 30 degrees. Where the idea of taking a bath involves nothing less than a ten-minute exercise to find a shower space, fill water and figure a corner for your towel. Where getting one’s hands dirty is taken way too literally and where insects and reptiles find me the real intruder.
This is Sadhana; a whole different world.
Entrance to the wonderland.
Sadhana Forest is a water conservation and reforestation project near Pondicherry. 
Mopeds and bikes are what get volunteers in and out of the Forest.
The dormitory below, houses about 40 volunteers.
Good Morning!

Romy, my favourite wake-up caller. I just never hit snooze on her beautiful morning song. Strumming a few beautiful melodies to ‘gather all the children of the earth and sun’ once she is done waking up the sleeping.
Morning Circle
The morning circle where everyone gathers around to stretch and truly wake up.
The Sadhana morning hugs.
Reforestation time.
Josh from the UK, a farmer by heart, he has been volunteering across the globe for some time now. Eli from Israel, working on dry mulch for the trees. Together, they are adding dry compost to the newly planted trees.
Peggy and Emmy making wicks out of plastic bottles meant to be used in the irrigation process.
Crookie, the puppy with the crooked tail and a resident of the Forest.
Aalaap is a software engineer, consumed by the Forest. He has quit the luxuries of urban life and now dedicates his time to the Forest. He is mostly seen sawing firewood for the kitchen, when he is not managing other programs for Sadhana.
The Kitchen
Suman, the eccentric chef and globetrotter, whose dream in life is to travel the world on his cycle. He is currently responsible for the delicious food served at the Forest. He rightly directs the volunteers in the kitchen.
The Mud Bath
After a long day's work, the volunteers find respite in the Forest's own, natural mud pool.
Children of the forest
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